Andrew Konomanyi - Building a Bond With a Horse

Andrew Konomanyi is not just a big advocate of animal rights, but also an avid rider who has had his fair share of bonds developed with sentient creatures throughout the years, including those with horses. Not many people know this but horses are very similar to elephants in the sense that they have an almost unhealthy love for learning things.


Some experts think that by displaying this behavior, they learn about their environment and the humans who interact with them. So in other words, this is their way of gaining control over any given situation. Building a bond with a horse is about familiarity and trust, learning to work together in different situations. It will happen organically over time, but there are a couple of tricks that you can use to speed up the process a little.


Spend Some Time With them Without Direct Interaction

If you have a good book that that you want to finish, go outside to the staple or paddock and read it while hanging out with your horse. Do not approach him or her, just simply be there and do your thing. Of course if they approach you, feel free to interact with them, repeating their names in a calm voice, or pet them a little.



As almost any other creature, horses love to be touched and cared for. Grooming is an important part of them staying healthy as well, but it can also help you bond with your horse.


As Andrew Konomanyi notes, developing that special connection takes some time, but once it’s there, it will stay for the rest of the horse’s life.

Andrew Konomanyi - How to Buy Foreign Property

As the owner of properties in three different countries on two continents, Andrew Konomanyi knows the ins and outs of foreign property purchase. Buying property is something that should never be rushed under any circumstances, but especially when you are purchasing one on foreign soles. This often means that you cannot see it with your own eyes (though visiting the place especially during the early process is definitely recommended), which raises some important questions.


Quality and Independent Legal Representation


Having a good lawyer is important in many cases, but it is especially important when you are buying foreign property. It doesn’t matter how nice the estate agent is, always get independent legal representation in the target country.


Crunch Those Numbers


Make sure to examine and analyze your budget, especially if you have a mortgage. Try to deal with the temptation if you see a great opportunity that you can barely or cannot afford (in the long run). Buying a sure thing is almost always better than trying to hit the jackpot.


Never Forget the Exchange Rates


Depending on the economic and political situation, exchange rates can fluctuate drastically. If you are not paying attention to the movement of the target location’s currency, you can not only miss out on certain chances but specific properties could suddenly not be obtainable with your budget.


Andrew Konomanyi has various properties on foreign soil. Going through the process many times, he has extended experience in dealing with foreign property issues and as he notes, research and preparation are the two most important factors.

Andrew Konomanyi - Making It as a Writer

As the father of an accomplished young writer who managed to beat the odds, Andrew Konomanyi knows what it takes to make a living in this extremely hard but ultimately rewarding profession. Getting published is a very big accomplishment, but it does not necessarily correlate with being able to make a living. These tips are for grinders, writers who are ready to do what it takes to earn money, even if that means leaving their passion projects behind for a couple of years.

Writing for a Specific Target Audience

If you have a talent for writing, you can make money out of that skill, period. It might require you to write for a specific audience, though. One of the common mistakes writers make is not being versatile enough, putting all their eggs in one basket. If you have the skill, write for an audience that you know will pay for it. These types of jobs usually involve blogs, the writing of instructional guides, and most of all, niche stuff. Advertising jingles, reviews, anything and everything you feel you can do.

Once You Have a Steady Income You Can be More Selective

When you keep pushing an agenda without seeing success, there is a very high probability that you will lose your passion. The bills will start to stack up and you will be forced to make certain changes in your life. Do the work that will pay first, and that will be your investment, opening up the time for you that you will need in order to finish your passion projects.

Finding the Opportunities

We are living in the age of Internet where finding freelancing opportunities is relatively easy. There are various sites out there, online marketplaces where you will be able to find many writing opportunities including general article writing, blogging or even novel writing gigs. You can also try to find work through the traditional channels, sending out your portfolio to agencies, publishers or even magazines. You can also try to enter writing competitions where the winners are often guaranteed certain opportunities. Social media is also a good way to advertise your skills. You should always have your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts updated with fresh content.

Just Write

You shouldn’t wait for the perfect opportunity to start writing. Create your own portfolio that reflects your strengths and shows your potential customers what you can do. They will be much more reluctant to hire you if they can’t get a glimpse of your abilities.

As Andrew Konomanyi notes, if you are committed to showcasing your talents on different platforms, you will be guaranteed to find work, and once your bills are covered, your creative juices can start to flow again.

Andrew Konomanyi - What Young Writers Bring to the Industry

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been steadily building an empire over the last several years in the field. He is committed to his career in the professional world, and he takes pride in his ability to see a lucrative investment opportunity when it presents itself. He is a natural entrepreneur who understands what it takes to operate a successful business in a competitive industry, and he has been able to help business owners all over the world save their companies. He operates companies in both the United States and Europe, and he regularly travels in order to make sure his businesses are running smoothly.

Andrew Konomanyi is a successful professional who believes that hard work is the key to achieving your goals no matter the field you find yourself working in. His son is following in his footsteps in terms of success, and has already been published as a writer at the young age of 15. Here are some things that young writers can bring to the industry.

The first thing that young writers can bring to the writing industry is a fresh voice. Writing is a very personal experience for both author and reader, and people tend to connect to a writer’s voice differently. When new writers enter the field, it changes the collective voice and allows readers to experience something.

In addition to providing the industry a fresh voice, Andrew Konomanyi explains that young writers also offer a new perspective. New generations of writers experience life differently than those who preceded them; they can make you think about things in a different light.

Andrew Konomanyi - Qualities Needed to Be an Entrepreneur

Andrew Konomanyi is a dedicated individual who always tries to see ways to make a lucrative investment. He is a natural entrepreneur, which is why he travels around to major business areas around the world in order to buy and control companies. He owns houses and companies all over the United States and Europe, and has been steadily creating a business empire over the last several years. His expertise in the business community is well respected, and he knows how to create a successful company in a competitive environment. His son is also an extremely successful professional, and was able to get published as a writer at the age of 15.


Andrew Konomanyi has been working hard for the sake of his professional career, and he understands that operating businesses can be difficult, especially if they operate all over the world. There are a few qualities that every entrepreneur should encapsulate in order to be successful, and they can make a major difference in your career.


The first quality that every entrepreneur should try to encapsulate is persistence. Businesses have bad streaks and good streaks all the time; you need to be persistent so that you don’t throw in the towel before you actually need to. Be willing to do what it takes in order to make your company a success before you move on to the next project.


Andrew Konomanyi also explains that you need to be a leader. You need to be able to lead your company and the people that work under you down the path of success; take control and trust your instincts as a professional.

Andrew Konomanyi -  The Benefits to  Practicing Yoga

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been working hard in order to achieve the level of career success he currently enjoys. He is a natural entrepreneur, and he has the ability to turn any failing business into a major success. He has operated businesses on multiple continents, and he understands what it takes to start a company in a competitive environment. He owns companies in both Europe and the United States, and he travels regularly in order to keep up with his growing empire. His son is also successful, and he has become a published writer as a mere teenager.


Andrew Konomanyi is a dedicated business professional, but he understands the importance of keeping his life balanced. He is an avid yoga practitioner, and he has study yoga in its many forms for several years. Yoga can help ease the mind while physically enhancing the body, and it can help keep your life in proper balance. Here are some benefits to practicing yoga.


The first benefit a yoga practice has on an individual is calmness of the mind. Practicing yoga gives a person a reason to stay in the present, at least for an hour or two during the day. The brain needs time away from the busy lives we create and the stress that comes as a result. Yoga will help balance that stress out, and give the mind time to rest.


Andrew Konomanyi also explains that yoga helps your physical self as well as your mental self. Yoga can be difficult on the body, and different methods will have different results in regards to your physique.

Andrew Konomanyi - Successful Tips for Being an Entrepreneur

Andrew Konomanyi is a business professional who has been working to make failing businesses successful for the past several years. He works and operates companies in both Europe and the United States, and he has the ability to turn failing companies into lucrative investment opportunities. He has been building a business empire through out the course of his lengthy career, and he is well respected through out the professional community. Traveling has always been a passion of his, which is why he pursued the professional lifestyle he has built for himself. As an entrepreneur, he also strives to give back to the community through various charitable endeavors.


Andrew Konomanyi has been working as an entrepreneur for several years, and he has the ability to turn any business into a success. He understands that being an entrepreneur can be difficult, which is why he often provides tips for people looking for success in the field. Here are some useful things to keep in mind as an entrepreneur.


The first thing you want to keep in mind when you’re working as an entrepreneur is research. If you’re looking to turn a company around, or start one from scratch, you need to do some research on the market you’re looking to enter. Make sure the competition isn’t too stiff, and figure out what you can do for the customer better than your competitors.


Andrew Konomanyi also explains that you need to hire the right employees for the job. Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or helping one survive, make sure you get the right employees to help you achieve your goals in the field.

Andrew Konomanyi Explains How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Amateur golfer, Andrew Konomanyi, has become proficient at calculating golf handicaps. This is a necessary skill as your personal handicap will have an impact on your golf score. Unlike most other sports, where higher points win the game, in golf you are striving for the lowest score possible. If the course is a par 72, you want your score to be as close to 72 as possible. In this case, the par refers to the number of swings it should take you to get the ball to each of the eighteen holes.


Calculating a golf handicap is not a difficult process, but it requires some information about the course and the golfer themselves. Firstly, you must determine whether you are playing as a scratch golfer or a bogey golfer. A scratch golfer does not use a handicap or has a handicap of zero. A bogey golfer works with a standard handicap of eighteen as their base. Next, you will need to know the course rating, a number between sixty seven and seventy seven that is found on your score card. The course rating will give an estimate of the score a scratch golfer should earn. Alternatively, the slope rating, which will be between fifty five and one hundred fifty five, gives the approximate score of a bogey golfer.


Using all of this information, Andrew Konomanyi says that you calculate your handicap differential by subtracting the course rating from your adjusted gross score, multiplying that answer by 113, and dividing that answer by the slope rating.

Andrew Konomanyi and Prewriting Strategies

Andrew Konomanyi, a resident of the United Kingdom and father to a published writer, has become knowledgeable about the many different prewriting strategies. Often, this style of planning in writing is referred to as brainstorming. No matter what you call it, it is an important first step to a story or nonfiction piece. Especially for younger writers, children and adolescents, prewriting techniques and strategies go a long way to ensuring the focus and continuity of the work. Children are easily distracted, and can veer off course if they do not have a plan to follow.


Keeping a writer's notebook is a handy and effective way to prewrite. In this notebook, the young writer will jot down all of their ideas, no matter how random or seemingly insignificant. Many classic books started out as seed ideas in a writer's notebook. When you have accumulated a few pages of random ideas and thoughts, try turning any number of them into a story.


Time lines can also be a useful prewriting strategy for some people. If you know that your story is going to take place at a certain time, or that events will happen in a specific order, get that time frame onto paper. This will allow you to look at the progression of events and see where anything is missing or too detailed. If your main character does not engage in the story until they are twenty five, then you may not wish to spend four chapters explaining the first twenty four years of their life. says Andrew Konomanyi.

Andrew Konomanyi and a Writer's Mindset

While Andrew Konomanyi is proud of his own business ventures, it is his son Kevin, who truly gives him the most to boast about. At only fifteen, Kevin has published his first novel, Born2Rule: Memoirs of Frederick III. Witnessing his son's dedication to his newly discovered craft has led Andrew to investigate the mindset of a writer, and what things help to make them successful. While anyone can claim to be a writer, there are only a select percentage that are actually published and become successful.


After talking at length with his son, and then discussing the topic with other writers in the United Kingdom, Andrew has found that the following concepts keep writers in the correct mindset for prosperous writing. One of the most common thoughts from every writer is that you must be open to new ideas and thoughts, and always be curious about your world. Having an inquisitive nature goes a long way for a writer. When a new idea hits, don't automatically dismiss it as useless. At the very least, you should write that idea down so you can revisit it later. 


Criticism is something that all writers have to face at some point. How one chooses to react to that criticism is the key to a good mindset. Are you going to let the negative criticism get you down? Or are you going to take that critic in stride and use it to transform your next written work into something spectacular? Andrew Konomanyi thinks that accepting criticism well is what makes a good writer great.

Andrew Konomanyi Offers Yoga Tips for Beginners

British business tycoon Andrew Konomanyi uses the practice of Yoga to stay healthy in body and mind. Having participated in the Eastern philosophy and physical exercise for years, Andrew offers tips to beginners who are just starting to explore the art of Yoga. He understands that Yoga can be intimidating. There are hundreds of poses, different styles of practice, and most of the terms are in a foreign language. By using his tips, you will have an easier time letting go of the details and simply relaxing into the routine.

First and foremost, Andrew stresses that having a space to do Yoga and the right equipment is a key to success. Fortunately, Yoga can be done just about anywhere where you have space to move around, you only need about twenty square feet, or a four foot by five-foot space. Unlike many other exercise regimes, you do not need a bunch of equipment to do Yoga, but you should definitely have a Yoga mat. These mats are specifically designed to stay in place on the floor so you do not slide around while moving from pose to pose. Most general retailers sell Yoga mats, and they are usually less than twenty euros.

Comfortable clothing is another item that Andrew Konomanyi suggests for all new Yogis. You do not have to spend a ton of money on a new exercise wardrobe, any clothes will do as long as they are comfortable and allow for free movement of all limbs and joints.

Andrew Konomanyi

Andrew Konomanyi - Tips For Motivating Others

Andrew Konomanyi is an inspiration to many. As a business owner, he possesses many unique talents and skills that allow him to stay motivated and motivate others. Here are some tips to help you motivate others.


Share Your Story

People often look up to those who have traveled the same path or dealt with the same struggles. If you have a story to share, don’t be afraid to speak up. Knowing that someone overcame a similar obstacle or problem can give a person the confidence to deal with their own issues.


Be A Leader

Many people are looking for someone to take the lead in a situation and show them what to do. When you are a leader, you don’t have to do a job or task for someone, but you should be willing to help someone find their way or assist them with a problem. Being a leader will show other people how to tackle a problem and may motivate others to step up as leaders in the future.



Many people who are looking to be inspired need to be encouraged. They need to be told when they are doing something right and should receive constructive criticism if they are doing something wrong. Giving someone encouragement can also give them the confidence they need to work harder and do great things.


When you are able to motivate others, you are helping them find the confidence and inspiration to pursue their dreams. Andrew Konomanyi enjoys motivating others. Follow the tips above and you can motivate others too.

Andrew Konomanyi - How To Choose The Right Golf Instructor

Andrew Konomanyi has been playing golf for a while and is a good player. He first started playing with the help of an instructor, who taught him the basics. If you want to learn how to play golf, it is a good idea to choose the right golf instructor for help.




When you choose someone to help you learn to play golf, you want that person to have as much experience with the sport as possible. Try to find an instructor who isn’t only experienced at playing golf, but also teaching others to play.




You can expect to pay a fee for your golf lessons, and some instructors will charge more than others. You usually get what you pay for and the better, and more experienced an instructor is, the more he or she will charge for lessons. Choose an instructor who offers the best and most services at the best price.




Ask other golfers who helped them learn to play or look for reviews and information online. You should find out as much as possible about each instructor you are considering and choose the one who has the best reputation. Many golf instructors will be happy to provide you with a list of references.


If you want to become a good golfer like Andrew Konomanyi, you need to find a golf instructor who can help you learn to play and improve once you have mastered the basics. Make sure you take your time and choose the instructor who is right for you.

Andrew Konomanyi - Tips For Driving A Golf Ball Further

If you love to golf life Andrew Konomanyi, you are probably looking for better ways to drive the ball further. As with anything, the more you practice, the better you will become, and the further your ball will go. These tips can also help you get more distance.


Use The Right Driver


When you choose the drive that is right for you, there are several things to consider. It needs to be the right weight, the right length and have the right loft. The higher the loft, the farther the ball will go. Make sure you try out a driver before you buy it and make sure it feels right to you.


Choose The Right Ball


The ball you choose can be a major factor in the success of your drive. Make sure you choose a ball that is the right size and weight. Most golfers have a favorite brand or type of ball, and after you have played for a while, you will find that you also have a favorite.


Find The Right Position


You need to be standing in the correct position in order to hit the ball as far as possible. If you do not have the proper stance or position, your ball will not travel as far. You can learn how to drive the ball from an instructor or by simple trial and error.


Andrew Konomanyi has been playing golf for many years and thoroughly enjoys it. He loves to drive the ball to improve his distance and just to have fun. You can improve your drive distance with the right technique and lots of practice.

Andrew Konomanyi - Improving Your Golf Swing​

Andrew Konomanyi loves to play golf and goes golfing often. Although he has been playing for several years, he is always interested in improving his golf swing. If you are interested in improving your golf swing, these tips can help.


Anchor Your Foot


This is one of the biggest and simplest ways to improve your golf swing, yet many people don’t take the time to do it. Before you swing and during the swing, make sure your foot is anchored and is behind the ball.


Keep Your Elbow Close To Your Hip


Keeping your elbow close to your hip will ensure you do not swing your arm out to far and negatively impact the swing and the way you hit the ball. You do not have to make your elbow touch your hip, but you should keep it as close to your hip as possible.


Visualize The Shot


Before you swing your club, you should visualize the shot and know where you want the ball to go. This will help you stay focused and have more control over the ball. It will also give your more confidence in your shot and allow you to put more power behind your swing.


Andrew Konomanyi is serious about playing golf and knows he must improve his golf swing in order to become a better player. The tips above can help you improve your golf swing and your overall game. Remember the more you practice, the better you will become. You can easily improve your golf swing in just a few days.